September 26, 2005

Lost survey lifts covers on sexy post-war Britain

Gagging research appears not just a modern Neo-Con religious right fixation (climate change, what climate change. You could always go around in shorts at the end of September). The British universities where up for it as well. Not about the enviroment but about sex. At the time that Kinsey was carrying out his ground breaking work in the US a similar study was conducted in the UK, which completely backed up his findings. :
"Long before Britain could be thought to encourage a permissive society, one in five men confessed to a homosexual experience and one in four said he had sex with prostitutes."
They where not as brave as Kinsey and so buried the research, but it the results that it uncovered still stand. The world has not got more permissive, just less hypocritical.


Blogger chris said...

Kinsey was all about finding out what was actually happenning. Not reenforcing the recieved wisdom by only interviewing those people that fitted the preconceived notions of what 'normal' is supposed to be. That would not be science.

12:59 pm  

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